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Bwompster n Friends

We”re getting the boys back together for a Wednesday night full of fun. Dj Econ, Bwompster, Chalupa, and Hedawn will be joining us for a night of good times and good music.
Hedawn aka Donovan Schmidt is the artist behind one of Minnesota’s most avant-garde and creatively inspired projects, Hedawn. An experienced DJ with roots in chopped-and-screwed hip-hop, Hedawn has taken the dark and lumbering tones made famous by the late DJ Screw to an extreme and impressive conclusion: an experimental, bass-heavy collage of sounds that resembles no other artist. Hedawn includes audio-visual elements, original production, and highly manipulated bass music to reflect the projects namesake, a sensory-buffet that would appeal to the modern “hedawnist.” Hedawn continues to push boundaries, striving to create an ever-more-immersive experience that plays with exchanges of energy between artist and community, performer and audience, the self and the other.
Chalupa aka Keenan Sanchez has been in Fargo for awhile now. He is very open and experimental with his sound.
You all are very familiar with the homies Dj Econ aka Brian Noce and Bwompster aka Nick Larson. They will be bringing that Sub:Culture sound to this great night of local homies. Don’t miss out!!!!!!!!!