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You know that ideal version of yourself you strive to be? You know what you want to feel, what your behaviors should be, and what you want to achieve. Then, when you revert backld patterns of thinking, feeling, and behavior you’re with feelings of failure and frustration again and again. The greatmost significant tier you face in life is you.

Troy White, the founder of Upstream, shares how he overcame the anxiety, trauma, and PTSD in his life and walks you through the same proven process to help you break through self-imposed barriers, take control of your life, and create lasting change.

In this powerful “why didn’t you show me this sooner” event, you will:

Discover what drives your emotions and behavior and how to take control of them
Become the master of your destiny rather than feeling like a victim of your circumstances
Understand the fear, doubt, stress, and worry that plagues you and how to conquer it
Reveal the cause for your “need to control” & how to let go
Learn why traditional approaches to emotional and behavioral change can leave you feeling more “broken.”
Follow a step-by-step process to break through, achieve success, and build lasting change from within