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Beach Slang – CANCELED

Beach Slang hails from Philadelphia. The punk-pop band has had several lineup changes since 2013, with singer, songwriter and sole original member James Alex at the helm. In 2014, Alex released two EPs, Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken and Cheap Thrills On a Dead End Street. Having earned his bona fides from two decades in cult, pop-punk outfit Weston, Alex never fully considered Beach Slang a viable project until Pitchfork and tastemakers praised the EPs. Drawing comparisons to Jawbreaker and The Replacements, but never approaching easy facsimile, Beach Slang paid tribute to the past by lighting a new torch. For those of us who worship at the altar of Paul Westerberg and classic alternative, we got it right away, and if you haven’t heard “All Fuzzed Out” off Cheap Thrills, drop everything and do it now.

Two critically-acclaimed albums followed, The Things We Do to Find People Who Feel Like Us in 2015 and A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings the following year, in which Alex continued to explore the psychic wounds of people who burn too bright. As road warriors, with James in his ruffled suit and bulls-eye heart, Beach Slang turned any skeptics into hardcore believers with each show. It sounds like hyperbole, but every Slang performance oozes with the sweat-drenched energy and fevered reverence of a Sunday sermon.