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Atomic Age Stories: Clay County and the Bomb

Atomic Age Stories
Clay County and the Bomb
Tuesday, May 18, 7:00PM
Zoom, Facebook Live
The Soviet Union’s detonation of its first atomic bomb on August 29, 1949, thrust the United States into a new and more precarious era. The danger was felt in the Red River Valley. HCSCC Programming Director Markus Krueger explores the local stories of the Atomic Age, including Happy Hooligan generals revealing declassified secrets, local civil defense protocols, Glyndon science teacher Roger Stenerson’s experiences at nuclear test sites around the globe, and a virtual tour of a 1963 fallout shelter in Moorhead.
Audience members are encouraged to submit questions throughout the presentation via Zoom or Facebook. Markus will address them during a Q&A period at the end.
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“Atomic Age Stories” is offered in conjunction with HCSCC’s exhibition of “Atomic Alert! Confronting the Bomb in the New Atomic Age” (March 27 – June 13 at the Hjemkomst Center).
“Atomic Alert” is an Overland Traveling Exhibit.
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