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An Acoustic Evening with Pam Tillis

She’s the daughter of Country Music legend Mel Tillis and multi-media artist Doris Tillis. A singer/songwriter whose compositions have been covered in Country, R&B, Bluegrass, and Rock. An actor with a long film, TV, and stage credits list. Pam Tillis sidestepped notions of nepotism and other “isms” that women in show business often faced and carved out her unique space as an entertainer.

Tillis’ 1991 debut country album, Put Yourself In My Place, went gold and yielded two No. 1 and two Top 5 singles. Her following three albums – Homeward Looking Angel, Sweetheart’s Dance, and Greatest Hits were all certified platinum. She achieved six No. 1 songs during the ‘90s Country explosion, including “Shake the Sugar Tree,” “Mi Vida Loca,” “When You Walk In The Room,” “In Between Dances,” “Don’t Tell Me What To Do,” and her signature song, “Maybe It Was Memphis.”

“It’s a hard thing to put your finger on,” she says, describing the enduring appeal of “Memphis.” “It’s a great melody and a cinematic lyric. It’s romantic, but it rocks. And it’s a great vocal vehicle.” Not only did Country fans agree, but o have several aspiring artists. Contestants on both American Idol and The Voice have used the song to showcase their talents.

“In many ways, this part of my career is more fun because it feels like the pressure’s off,” says the CMA Female Vocalist Winner. “I feel much more relaxed and can just enjoy the journey a bit more.”

Tillis is currently finding a lot of satisfaction in mentoring young performers and artists, including those in her all-female acoustic trio, The Rose Rustlers (Haley Sullivan and Carson McKee). “I love mentoring,” she says. “I find myself working with so many Millennial musicians now. They’re accomplished players; none need help in the talent department. I’m just trying to pass on some of the things I’ve learned from 30 years of touring and how to navigate a callous industry.”