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America Tonight with Kate Delaney and Jack Schauer

Join us Monday evening with Kate Delaney – an award-winning National broadcast personality who has interviewed over 16,000 people in twenty-years in her radio and television career – as she interviews local author, singer/songwriter, and musician Jack Schauer.

North Dakota native, Jack Schauer is a man of many talents. President of local non-profit organization, Angels of the Muse, songwriter for Paramount Inc., musical performer, and published author of five novels exploring economics, politics, fiction, and philosophy. Jack Schauer will be discussing his piece “The Rebirth,” a philosophical exploration told by the author that imagines Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus have made it to old age and discuss religion, the evils of war, and life’s meanings as they bar hop through Paris with old friends.

“The Rebirth” is available for purchase as paperback and e-book through Amazon.com.