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MSUM 4th of July Celebrations

LooMSUM 4th of July Celebration

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I can hardly believe that it is already the 4th of July holiday weekend.  This means a long weekend, fireworks, travel, time off and good times for most of us.

If you find yourself in the Red River Valley this weekend look no further than the MSUM 4th of July Celebration to get your fix of fireworks and celebration.

But the fireworks are just one small part of the fun that can be had this weekend when you decide to visit Fargo-Moorhead.

Consider spending the holiday weekend in the largest shopping destination in the upper Midwest between Minneapolis/St. Paul and Spokane, WA!  Or perhaps some camping along the Red River of North. Maybe you’d want to spend some time strolling the historic downtown districts and  some of the best local-owned retail and dining options available in the area?  The FM area is just a short drive from several lakes and recreation areas too. So spend the night here, then have a variety of different experiences and adventures each day of this holiday weekend!

Regardless of what you would like to do, a visit to Fargo-Moorhead can fulfill and exceed your needs.  We have plenty of affordable lodging options for you during your stay and some of the best people you will ever meet to welcome you.

Be sure to check out the “deals” section of our site to save some money!  Here’s to a great 4th of July!


How will you be spending the 4th of July Holiday in the Red River Valley?  Share your ideas!

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