Singer Jewel has bone to pick with Fargo-Moorhead?

Well, not really.  In case you missed it on Tuesday singer/songwriter Jewel opened her recent tour in Fargo, ND at the Historic Fargo Theatre. During the performance Jewel performed a special song about Fargo-Moorhead featuring all the attractions and good times there are to be had.  But, at one point in the song Jewel stated that she “had a bone to pick.”

The bone?  Not being  invited to sign the Celebrity Walk of Fame. Check out the video below:


Personally, I think this song is great and the fact that she took the time to connect with the local audience in such a way is a real treat.   But,  why wasn’t she inducted this time?  Well it certainly wasn’t anything personal.  It is really a hit and miss kind of process.  Scheduling and logistics on both sides of the coin can be a real nightmare.  When I saw Jewel was coming to town the thought of inviting her did cross my mind and she is certainly worthy.   But the timing just didn’t work out on my end so those thoughts were tabled.

Strangely, it actually turned out for the better.  Jewel is a real class-act and in writing that “silly song” as she called it on Twitter she has breathed new life and awareness to a truly unique area attraction that has been overlooked and underestimated.

While it would have been great to get Jewel inducted on this trip we can always look at the bright side.  Now she has to come back to perform for us again!  Let’s hope the stars align next time!

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