July in Fargo-Moorhead is gonna be CRAZY!

Events-Filled July for Fargo-Moorhead

Events-Filled July for Fargo-Moorhead

I was just checking out the major event calendar for the month of July.  Holy cats!  There is seriously a lot going on in the coming month.  With summer now in full swing it is time to take advantage of the sunshine.  There’s a huge variety of events going on next month…hopefully a little of something for everyone.  During the next month I will probably try touch on some of these events in a bit more detail but for now I just wanted to give you a “heads-up.”

On July 1st it all kicks off in style with another installment of the hugely popular “Cruisin’ Broadway” events.  The historic districts of Fargo-Moorhead are buzzing with all the classics!  Good food, entertainment and great times.  I personally LOVE this event.  There is always something new to see and I always seem to run into some friends.  It goes from 5pm to 9pm.  Hope to see you there!

Of course we are all aware of the 4th of July.  If you find yourself in the area, Moorhead has the biggest and best 4th of July celebration in the region.  MSUM’s 4th of July Celebration features more than just fireworks.  There’s a 10K run for the kids, lot’s of concessions, live music and of course a parade.  It is as good as it gets.  So if you need to catch some fireworks, the MSUM event is one not to miss.

By mid-month things really take off for the fair season.  This year we have both the Red River Valley Fair and the Clay County Fair overlapping a bit.  So that is like double the fair fun for you and your family!  The Red River Valley Fair starts on the 9th and runs through the 17th.  The Clay county event runs the 15th-18th.  Both events bring all the typical “fair-goodies” and offer up a lot more too.  Robotic dinosaurs, talent shows, live music and good times.  Check the event websites for full lists.  There is just too much to mention here.  After all, this is just a “heads-up” message!

If you love live outdoor theater the Trollwood Performing Arts School is presenting “Anything goes!” A great musical.  Maybe you have caught one of their performances in the past, but did you know they have brand new amphitheater in south Moorhead?  They do!  I had a chance to tour it last year and saw a show on the new stage.  It is certainly something else! Go.  That is all I can say…just go check it out.  The scenery is great, the talent is top-notch and the experience is one that you will remember. Show dates this season include the 14-17th, 21st-25th and 28th-August 1st.

I need to at least mention a couple of other events before I am done.  We have the annual Downtown Street Fair and one of my favorites, Fargo Blues Festival.  The Street fair from the 15th through the 17th and the Blues Fest the 30th and 31st.  Both are HUGE events for the community! During the street fair the downtown area is transformed into a pedestrian utopia.  Blocks of booths, foods, arts and crafts.  Some very cool stuff.  And well, the blues fest…it is what is sounds like…2 days of some of the best blues at one of America’s best outdoor baseball stadiums.

This post is getting out of hand…but that is what I get for trying to talk about all the events in July.  It is just mad-crazy. Be sure to check the full calendar for other events too.  I’m done.  My carpal tunnel is starting to act up!

What events are you looking forward to?  Let’s us know! We’d love to start a conversation.