Vikings invade Fargo-Moorhead museum

Viking Village

Seriously!  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was looking through my calendar of events this morning.  There is ANOTHER huge festival going on in the Fargo-Moorhead this weekend that I have failed to mention yet.  On top of the annual street fair, the Clay County Fair, the performances at the Trollwood, preparations for USA wrestling, Red River Valley Fair, numerous arts events and live music we also have “Viking Village.”

Viking Village is a lot of fun. Last year I saw the Viking fighting demo and it was worth seeing all by itself.  But what I found most interesting were the many booths set up demonstrating how to make things.  Anything from swords and cloth  to rings and chain mail.  It was all there.  AND super interesting.  Seeing how things were done “back in the day” was really an eye-opener.  So grab the kids, friends, etc and get out to Viking Village.  You will learn something, you will be entertained, and you can may even pick up a gnarly Viking accent!

This year’s Viking Village will include:

  • Viking Quest featuring a series of hands-on activities for kids
  • Viking cooking demonstrations
  • Linking chain mail
  • Warp weighted looms, natural fiber dyeing, lucet-cording, card-weaving, and other fiber arts
  • Storytelling and pre-battle balladry
  • Viking games: Nine Man Morris, Kubbe, and our new game, Kvatrutafl
  • Live combat demonstrations
  • Icelandic horses, sheep, and goats. (Fencing is supplied by Stockmen’s Supply of Fargo, ND).
  • Blacksmithing
  • Wood carving
  • Viking fence-making
  • Weapons display
  • Clay activities
  • Coin-striking

Oh!  And you can see Vikings actually fighting too!

The Viking Village runs Saturday from 10am to 4pm and Sunday from Noon to 4pm at the Viking Ship Park located at 202 1st Ave N in Moorhead.

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