More than just an air museum

Fargo Air MuseumToday I took some time out of the day to head over the Fargo Air Museum.  The reason for my visit was pretty simple.  They’re currently running an exhibition about the Korean War and I wanted to check out the exhibits to share a sneak peak with you on the blog.  My visit however ended up being much more than I expected.

Almost immediately upon entering the museum I was approached by a man named Stew Bass, a World War II pilot and volunteer at the museum. He greeted me with a handshake and away we went.  We walked around planes, he’d share stories, I’d ask questions and he’d answer them.  I can’t express how enjoyable it was to meet him and listen to his stories and experiences.  He wasn’t a tour guide, he wasn’t hired help.  He was a passionate and knowledgeable individual who obviously loved what he was doing. Never before had I experienced such levels of interaction at a museum.  Usually I just spend a lot of time reading printed cards, or just wondering to myself what something was to never actually find out.

Needless to say, the staff and volunteers at the Fargo Air Museum are certainly something special and make for a truly memorable experience.  Of course you can’t forget all the amazing exhibits.  Stew showed me the plane he flew off aircraft carriers  during WWII, an Avenger.  He also pointed out the fully operational Japanese Zero and P-51 Mustang on display at the museum.  He had a little something to say about everything.  Well, more than a little something, quite a lot actually.

I couldn’t help but whip out my video camera and take some shots.  He didn’t seem to mind a bit.  Check it out.

These types of experiences are what make the Fargo Air Museum such a great attraction. And here I was simply going to toss together a quick post about how there was a new exhibit to see!  This place is definitely a “must see.”  Now is a great time to head on over too.  The Korean War exhibit runs through June 15th.

Have you visited the Fargo Air Museum?  Have you had similar experiences?  We’d love to hear your comments!

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