What first-time visitors loved about ND this month

The people joining the Best for Last Club never fail to brighten our days with their short and sweet insights about reaching North Dakota – their 50th and final state. Each month, the Visitor Center asks what they love about the Peace Garden State and rounds them up here. This month’s top comments are below.

These people love the people (they obviously have good taste):

Best for last club - Fargo ND
“People are polite” – Queen from St. Helena, SC


“The people! Fargo has been very good to us” – Jenny from Fort Collins, CO


“The people and Bearscat donuts!” – Jennifer from New York, NY


“The people, food, and beer!” – Phil from Washington DC


“The people” – John & Sue from Mentor, OH


“Friendly locals and Visitor Center” – Billy from O’Fallon, IL


“People” – Todd & Donna from Waterloo, IL


“People” – Brian from Apex, NC


“People” – Melissa, Mallary, Ed, & Donna from Warren, OH


These people were pumped to just be making it into the club:

“My 50th State!” – Raghav from New Delhi, India

Raghav traveled the furthest to get to North Dakota this month, all the way from India!


“Joining the club!” – Rhea from Evansville, IN


“I made it!” – Marilyn from Memphis, TN 


“Being here” – George from San Diego, CA

These people obviously know a great city when they see one:

“Fargo” – Doug from Grimsby, ON

“Fargo” – Cindy & George from Lancaster, OH 

“Food in Fargo” – Steven from Haymarket, VA

“Maple River Winery” – Joseph from Clearwater, FL 

These people appreciated something else about the area:

“So far beautiful farm land. Looking forward to Theodore Roosevelt National Park & the Enchanted Highway” – Carl & Pat from Mayfield, KY


“The encouraging billboards!” – Rayne from Deland, FL

Rayne completed her 50 state quest in the shortest amount of time this month, it only took her 4 years!


“Fun places!” – Brian from Apex, NC


And these people still have the jury out on what they love about ND:

“Just arrived… ?” – Jon from Citrus Heights, CA

“I just arrived! I can get back to you in 3 days once I have toured the state :)” – Jodi from Oregon