Top 5 places to people watch in Fargo-Moorhead

People watching…what WHAT?!!?!?!

Top 5 Places to People Watch in Fargo-MoorheadWe knew this was coming… with Fargo’s expanding city limits and its ever growing need for places to lounge, so comes the Top 5 Places to People Watch in Fargo-Moorhead.

“Since you’ve been gone, I can breathe for the first time… ”
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Getting back on track…

4. The Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Center.
And no, this is not a ploy to get more people to come out to the F-M CVB, although, we are here to help everybody’s experience in Fargo-Moorhead be the best it can be… locals included.

In 2012, 23,062 visitors from over 46 countries came out to our visitors center to gather info for stuff to do in Fargo-Moorhead… yes… I said STUFF TO DO IN FARGO! There is so much going on because we are growing as a community and residents want to be a part of it. The CVB gets people from all over the world from places including Argentina and Netherlands. The people watching grade level is well above average. Plus, if you come and hang out, you get to be next to one of the MOST ICONIC props in all of movie history. The F-M CVB is home to the Woodchipper from the movie Fargo, which is also signed by the directors of the film, Joel and Ethan Coen. If that’s not a reason to come out and visit us then I don’t know what is…
Grade: B

“This. Girl. Is on fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire.”

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“Hey HEY HEY…”
Coming in a strong 3rd is none other than the hottest dance club in town…
3. The Old Broadway.
With its weekly specials and adjacent bar, the Sports Zone (which is accessed through either the outside or the BATHROOM!!) makes this spot PRIME for watching people, big and small, bust their sweet moves on the dance floor.

A big hit among the 21-25 age range, the OB has a big city feel combined with small town spirit. The old fashioned decor makes it feel mysterious, but the lights and music make it modern and fun. The hottest place to sit is right by the dance floor, on the high top bar stools, where the action is front and center. Whether freshly 21 or maybe a little more experienced, the OB has something in store for everyone!
Grade: B+

2. NDSU Bison Football Games.

Moving on…

Just kidding.

Even though this blogger is a Sioux fan through and through, I must admit that I’ve never had as much fun at a Sioux football game, tailgating and the game alike, as I had at a Bison game. Maybe it’s because the Bison are actually good at football (Ba Boom Boom Chh)? Whatever the secret combination is, the people watching at this event is top notch. From the different levels of fandom, you may see someone in a bison sweatshirt (legit) or full face and body paint (also legit). You never know what you’re gonna find at a Bison game, which is why it makes people watching so much more enjoyable.
Grade: A-

And last but most certainly not least…

1. The West Acres Mall.
Yepp, you guessed it… the mall is the top place to people watch. With all the events happening in Fargo-Moorhead at all times of the year, waves of people flock to the mall to kill some time, causing the people watching to be at its finest.

My favorite place to people watch, or nap, is in the lovely chairs located in the center of the mall. It’s fun watching people trying to navigate the chairs. Do they go around, cut through on some mystical path they or do they just bulldoze through? Either way, it’s funny to watch people get frustrated with it.

Another awesome spot to watch people is in the food court. The food court is great because there are so many spots to choose from. My personal favorite is the comfy chairs by the fireplace and main entrance. You get the ones coming in to drop some cash money and the ones coming out who just recently dropped some moola, with their shopping bags to prove it.
Grade: A+

Well, there you have it! The top 5 places to people watch in Fargo-Moorhead brought to you by the CVB. Some you may not agree with our top 5 but that’s okay. I’m sure we’ll have more installments of people watching in the future. See you around Fargo-Moorhead!

about the author: Kylie is the photography/videography intern in the marketing department at the Fargo-Moorhead CVB this summer. She is originally from Thompson, ND and is currently attending Minnesota State University Moorhead.