Fargo-Moorhead Offers Up Opera

Last night I had the chance to do something that I have never done before.  I went to an opera.  Yeah, that’s right.  I went to an opera in Fargo-Moorhead.  It was pretty good too.

I managed to get invited to one of the  rehearsals of La Traviata presented by FM Opera based in Fargo, ND.  They were preparing to go live with public shows on the 9th and 11th of April.  This weekend!  Let me tell you, I left pretty impressed, and more importantly proud that Fargo-Moorhead offers up such a wide variety of quality arts and entertainment to residents and visitors.

Immediately upon entering the theater I was stuck by the size and detail of the stage.  This thing was elaborate, grand in scale and quite impressive.  It occurred to me that this “is the real deal” complete with an orchestra, dynamic lighting and seating for around 1,000 people.  Having never been to a show like this before I was really excited to see the show begin.  As the lights dimmed, the orchestra began a soothing melody as the giant red curtains slid open.  On with the show!  The quality of the production and the skill of the talent involved was a real eye-opener.  Wow, is all that can really be said.  If you haven’t seen an opera, or think that opera just “isn’t your kinda thing” I would encourage you to check it out sometime.  It was definitely a unique experience and one that everyone should support due to the amount of effort and time put into giving us these types of opportunities.

FM Opera has been around since 1968 and performs up to 3 different operas per year.    I realized that they only perform two public shows of each opera presented.  Basically 6 shows a year to get your opera fix.  So, with that said, if you want to catch an opera while in town I have two words for you, plan ahead.

Check out a little bit of the footage from my visit.  This was a full dress rehearsal, I can’t imagine what the atmosphere is like with a packed house!  This particular performance took place at the Reineke Festival Concert Hall on the campus of North Dakota State University.  The location can vary for their shows, so be sure to visit their website for the specifics:  http://www.fmopera.org


Have you ever attended the FM Opera?  What other performing arts events have you taken in?  What you would you like to see?  We would love to read your comments!

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