The truth about Fargo-Moorhead

Do we have a bunch of presidents’ faces carved in stone? Nope, that’s our neighbor to the south. We are no Vegas—we don’t even have one legitimate casino in Fargo-Moorhead. Our nightlife is NOT unrivaled. No mountains, beaches or waterfalls grace our landscapes and we don’t have numerous (or any) impressive skyscrapers. You won’t find any amusement parks here (but we do have a Ferris Wheel inside one of our stores). It is highly unlikely that we will make any major list of Top Tourist Destinations anytime soon.

You might find this odd coming from an organization whose purpose is to promote the area as a destination for visitors. But plenty of reasons to visit Fargo-Moorhead do exist, they are just not any of the aforementioned.

So, at this point you are probably asking, “why should I visit Fargo-Moorhead then?”

Here are the real reasons….


1.)    Our art scene is TOP NOTCH.
Art museums, craft fairs, live music, and performing arts are abundant in the F-M area–our community seems to thrive on these types of events and attractions. It seems like at least once a month, local crafters/makers have an event to showcase their skill and sell their work and many of the stores in the area feature the work of the local makers. On any given day there’s usually a selection of live music and art events to take in. Plus we have opera, symphony, and many theater groups! 

2.)    It’s a metropolitan area with a small-town vibe.
People you’ve never seen before will smile at you and say “hi” and then possibly even strike up a conversation (most likely about the weather). Don’t be alarmed, that’s just how we are. There’s a strong sense of community that will be evident to many visitors. We also truly do love visitors and we
love to hear where you’re from and why you have waited so long to visit our area!

3.)    The shopping here is actually pretty good (just ask our Canadian friends).
Yeah, we do have a mall (West Acres) and it has a great variety of stores. We also have Old Navy, Home Depot, Maurices, Target, etc….and for that we are thankful. However, those are not the shopping opportunities that will entice most people to visit Fargo-Moorhead...good thing there’s some pretty awesome unique shopping in the area too! Recently, we got a lot of great feedback via Facebook on Fargo-Moorhead’s best unique shopping. Here’s a handful of the favorites:

  • Zandbroz Variety
  • Unglued
  • O’Day Cache
  • Vintage Point
  • EcoChic Boutique
  • Moorhead Antique Mall
    In case you were wondering, Scheels is the store with the Ferris Wheel in it. It’s also a quite popular store in the area–more of an attraction that just a store!

4.)    We have vast expanses of flat, open prairie.
Why in the world would this give us bragging rights? Well, believe it or not, quite a few folks who stop by the F-M Visitors Center comment on this in a positive way. Others ask where the best place is to view wide open space. So, who knows, maybe one day wide open space will compete with waterfalls, mountains, and spectacular cityscapes for travelers’ attention. If that does happen, maybe then we will break the top twenty of some of those top tourist destination lists. 🙂

5.)    We have the wood chipper from the movie Fargo (and we ain’t afraid to use it).
You didn’t honestly think we would leave this off the list, did you? The “ain’t afraid to use it” is not a threat, but rather refers to us embracing this quirky attraction to promote our destination. There is only one wood chipper from the movie FARGO…and we have it. ‘Nuff said.


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