Uniquely Local Restaurants in Fargo Moorhead!

Uniquely Local in Fargo-Moorhead

Visitors always love to discover the best local food spots in a destination. The other day we posted a question to the fans on the Fargo-Moorhead Facebook Page about what some of their favorite “uniquely local” lunch spots were…and boy did we get responses!

It became very clear, quite quickly that the F-M area has a lot to choose from. From sushi to Italian…sweet to salty. There’s a little bit of everything. With over 350 restaurants in the area I guess you would expect that!

Let’s take a look at some of the favorites mentioned by the awesome fans of Fargo-Moorhead:

Stewart’s Deli – This is a brand new place in Fargo!  And we’ve heard lots of good things!  Their slogan is “Fresh, Healthy, Homemade, Hot and Delicious~ ~Ever Changing.”

Bertrosa’s – This place always seems to appear on best of lists.  Bertrosa’s is proud to be the first restaurant to bring the great taste of Vienna Beef products to North Dakota.

VIP Room – Great food, great local art and a great atmosphere.  Their elegant but comfortable dining rooms feature book-lined brick walls and a variety of art by local artists and photographers.

Mexican Village – Whether you are planning a family dinner or just a quick weekday lunch:  Mexican Village is the place to satisfy your dining desires.

Sushi 101 If you’re looking for a new spin on old sushi classics, stop by and try one of our many new sushi recipes. Aside from classic raw sushi, we also offer many cooked sushi menu items.

Want to browse for more recommended restaurants? Hit up the post on Facebook!  You can also visit our site for a complete list or download and print the restaurant guide if you are on the go!  We also have them available on our mobile-friendly site too!  Get out there and enjoy some “uniquely local” F-M food!

We’d love to hear what your favorite spots are too!  Leave comments and become a fan on Facebook!

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