Reasons to look forward to WINTER in Fargo Moorhead

Everywhere I go, people are talking about what is sometimes referred to as the “S” word…snow. You can almost feel the dread in the air and now that temperatures have dipped below freezing, we are beginning to face the reality of winter coming again. Despite rumors of 200+ inches of snowfall, winter doesn’t have to be that scary. I, for one (maybe one of the only ones), get excited about winter!  I suppose now I will have to give my reasons for looking forward to winter, so here goes….

1.)    Downtown Fargo-Moorhead with a little snow and some holiday lights

This is a really spectacular sight and it makes me feel all cozy and happy. The annual Holiday Lights Parade is a good time to check this out. This year the parade will be held the Tuesday before Thanksgiving on November 22 at 6:30pm! Grab some hot chocolate, apple cider, or a good cup of coffee and take in the parade—it should get you in the holiday spirit!

2.)     ISOC Fargo National

Ok, this event was just plain awesome last year which is the reason I am already getting excited for it this winter even though it’s not until March 2-4. It will be at a different location this year—Buffalo River Race Park instead of Newman Outdoor Field, but I’m confident it will be just as awesome. If you were at the event last year, you are probably aware that it was some of the coldest weather Fargo-Moorhead experienced that winter. You know what though…we  bundled up in our coveralls and snowsuits and had a blast anyways. 🙂  And if you missed out on the fun last year, check out the video below!

3.)    Sledding and other winter activities

 Yes, I am talking about the activities that make you feel like a kid. The Fargo-Moorhead area has a variety of places where you can take part in such activities. Edgewood Golf Course is one of the great places to go for some winter fun in Fargo-Moorhead. They offer sledding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, AND a warming house with a snack bar. Ski and snowshoe rentals are also available here.


And since I love winter so much, there will be a part two of this blog coming in the next couple months or so…probably after there’s some s— on the ground!  😉

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