Pedicabs are now in Fargo-Moorhead

I love how much our downtown community has been thriving these past few years. We have seen so many great businesses develop, proving how great it is to start a business in Fargo-Moorhead. I am really excited to see one particular company recently start-up in downtown Fargo. Totes People Pedicabs started in the spring of 2013 and has quickly made a great presence along the downtown streets. Their job is to do exactly what their name says, to tote people in pedicabs but they really are so much more than that. They fulfill a simple need, to transport people from one destination to another. This is the service they provide but it is the experience they deliver that really makes them worth checking out.

Zach and Ellie Johnson own the business and currently operate with 2 pedicabs and a handful of drivers. There is no fare for your ride. Everything is tip based so you tip whatever you think the ride is worth. The cabs run around downtown and NDSU campus from 11pm to 2am on weekends and other various times depending on events that are taking place in the downtown area.

Danella and I had a chance to meet with Zach and learn a little more about their business. After some delicious coffee at the Red Raven we took a nice ride around SOMA (South of Main Ave). The pedicabs seat 2 people and must obey the same traffic laws as cars. We had a great ride and covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time.

I know winter is just around the corner (shhh!) but let’s hope there are still a few weeks to enjoy this beautiful fall weather. Hitch a ride to the next NDSU Bison game or take a nice stroll through downtown with a friend. I bet it will be “totes” fun!

Owner - Zach Johnson and 1 of 2 pedicabs

Owner – Zach Johnson and 1 of 2 pedicabs

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